J. G. Eccarius

Everything you wanted to know about J. G. Eccarius that he's willing to tell you.


J.G. Eccarius was born May 12, 1818 in Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany. He was active in both the Second International (while living in England) and the IWW in the USA. Lately he has turned to writing. His short stories and essays have appeared in Processed World, The Stake, Fifth Estate, the Wild Palms Reader, and in many other zines. He remains an active in the anarchist cause, residing mostly in Mexico and California.

Books he's had published (follow the links for sample chapters):

Down and Out in the Ivy League by J.G. Eccarius (1998)

The Last Days of Christ the Vampire by J.G. Eccarius (1989)

Resurrection 2027 by J.G. Eccarius (1995)

We Should Have Killed the King by J.G. Eccarius

Related publications:

Christ the Vampire Comic (inspired by The Last Days of Christ the Vampire, with an introduction by J. G. Eccarius)

Vampires or Gods? by William Meyers, with considerable inside information provided by J. G. Eccarius

Down and Out in the Ivy League by J. G. Eccarius. Includes the story "ManSon"