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The Nihilist Princess by Louis M. Gagneur
The Russian Nihilists are fighting against the Czar, his cruel aristocracy, the Church, and the rising capitalist class. Learn more!
256 pages ISBN 1-886625-05-0

Anarchist Farm by Jane Doe
Fable in which animals find a variety of ways to fight off tyranny. Learn more!
192 pages ISBN 1-886625-01-8

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Also available for Amazon Kindle: Anarchist Farm

The Last Days of Christ the Vampire by J.G. Eccarius
Teenage punks fight Christ the Vampire, who rose from the dead. Learn more!
192 pages ISBN 1-886625-00-X

Also available: The Last Days of Christ the Vampire Kindle version $3.99

Pyrexia by Michel Méry
Catch the fever in this book of Martian sex, lies, and quantum alternative realities. Learn more!
192 pages ISBN 1-886625-02-6

Down and Out in the Ivy League
by J.G. Eccarius
Darkly humorous stories about life in America, including starving while attending an Ivy League college. Learn more!
128 pages ISBN 1-886625-04-2

Deconstruction Acres
by Tim W. Brown
Smart-ass lit professor and corrupt college president meet their match in a beer-swizzling copy shop worker. Learn more!
192 pages ISBN 1-886625-03-4

The Father, The Son, and The Walkperson
by Michel Méry
Surreal stories and mind-bending situations. Learn more!
192 pages ISBN 0-9622937-9-2

Resurrection 2027
by J.G. Eccarius
Can the Children escape the bizarre theocracy of the Mothers? Learn more!
192 pages ISBN 0-9622937-7-6
$ 7.00

Vampires Or Gods?
by William Meyers
History of the ancient immortals who promoted themselves as gods. Learn more!
192 pages (large format) ISBN 0-9622937-5-X

Geminga, Sword of the Shining Path
by Melvin Litton
Bio-engineered raven leaves Peru's Shining Path for anarchy in California. Learn more!
256 pages ISBN 0-9622937-4-1
$ 9.95

We Should Have Killed the King
by J.G. Eccarius
Novel describing punk and revolutionary scenes in America in the 1980's. Learn more!
ISBN 0-9622937-1-7
192 pages $ 5.00

by Mark Ivanhoe
Teen-angst problems plague Elizabeth after she rises from the dead. Learn more!
ISBN: 0-9622937-3-3
192 pages $ 7.00

This'll Kill Ya by Harry Willson
The ultimate, highly-offensive, anti-censorship satire. Learn more!
ISBN 0-9622937-2-5
192 pages $ 6.00

by Saab Lofton
Can the Black-Panthers inspired underground create libertarian socialism?
ISBN 0-9622937-8-4 320 pages $12.00
Sorry A.D. Sold Out! Sometimes copies may be available from online auctions or used bookstores.

My Journey With Aristotle to the Anarchist Utopia by Graham Purchase
An anarchist utopia in an edible, bio-degradable city.
ISBN 0-9622937-6-8 128 pages $ 7.00
Sorry Aristotle Sold Out! Sometimes copies may be available from online auctions or used bookstores.