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III Publishing Pamphlets

Downloading Adobe Acrobat Files

When you click on the Acrobat links your browser will download the files and then invoke the Acrobat Reader, which now comes with most browsers. Files may take a while to download. If you have problems (you can't read the pamphlet) there are two common solutions:

Your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is too old. Download Acrobat Reader 4.0 and try again. Trying again is not a bad idea anyway, because Acrobat downloads slowly and doesn't seem to be very robust (it gets errors in transmission).

If that doesn't work, try selecting saving the file. Be sure you note where you are saving the file! Then open the file you saved, either from the Open command in your browser, or from Acrobat Reader. (Note: you save an open Acrobat file by clicking on the disk icon in the Acrobat toolbar that appears in your browser when you open an Acrobat document on the Web).

Once you've saved the file you can attach it as an email to a friend, etc.

Printing pamphlets from Adobe Acrobat

You can print the pamphlets from your browser or Acrobat Reader. For best results be sure the "Print As Image" box is checked (this pops up as part of a dialog box after you click Print).

Making Booklets

To make a booklet from standard, letter-sized paper, with print on both sides of the paper, which can be stapled and folded over into a standard 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" size, you need the pages in a special order. We would be happy to send you a flat, unstapled copy laid out in this manner, for the same price as the printed booklet. Be sure to specify that is what you want with your order. We can also email you a WordPerfect file that is already properly laid out, but you need WordPerfect to use it.

License - Public Domain

These pamphlets have been placed in the public domain. That means they belong to everyone. Make yourself some money by printing them and selling them. Or give them away. No royalties are due to the author or publisher. No notification is necessary. The only thing you can't do is copyright them or prevent anyone else from using them.

Note: Our books (excluding pamphlets) are copyrighted, mostly by the authors. They are not in the public domain.