Political Books Reviewed

Books that we highly recommend for anyone who wants to change the world or protect themselves from predators.

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The Populist Moment by Lawrence Goodwyn
The the term Populist has been tinged with the aura of racism, a result of Leninist propaganda and the application of the term to such racist politicians as George Wallace. The original populists were not racists. But unless you read this book you propably won't know anything about the original populists. You should, if you are at all interested in the project of figuring out how to fix our sick social system.

Al Gore: A User's Manual coverAl Gore: A User's Manual by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.
Whether you are trying to decide who to vote for in November 2000, want a look at the history of the Clinton Administration, or want to know what to expect if Al Gore is elected president, this book is for you. There's no pretense to neutrality here: the book is an attack on Al Gore from a leftist perspective. Gore emerges as one of the key figures leading the Democratic Party to the right, and into the welcoming control of the corporations, since the 1970s. He was anti-abortion and a gay basher when he started out and only moved somewhat to the center when he found that necessary to be of national stature. His commitment to the environment, judged by his actual voting record, is mostly rhetorical. Above all, he can't be trusted.

Toxic Sludge CoverToxic Sludge Is Good For You, Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry

by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton

Everybody knows that advertisements should be taken with a grain of salt. But do you know that most of the "news" presented by newspapers, radios and TV stations is created by public relations firms? That most of the "grassroots" letters and telephone calls to Congressmen are now generated by the same firms? That these firms have successfully rolled back much of the legislation and regulations meant to protect the environment and our food supplies? Even if you do, being reminded of all the specifics will make you mad as hell. Published by Common Courage Press. $16.95