Restaurant and Food Reviews by William P. Meyers

Pakwan, San Francisco CA
3180 16th Street, Mission District

Dined December 19, 2006

Jan and I had lunch with a friend on December 19th at a Pakistani-Indian restaurant on 16th Street in between Valencia and Mission in San Francisco. The food was great and very reasonable.

I had the lamb curry special ($7.25) which included Nan, rice, and a spicy chick-pea side. The chick peas were perfection: the sauce was richly spicy but only moderately hot. The lamb curry was as is to be expected, with nice tender lamb pieces. The nan (a flat bread) was plentiful and fresh.

Jan had the vegetarian special ($5.50), which meant she chose two vegetable dishes from a long list of choices and also received rice and nan. She received a huge portion of sag panere spinach, which she loved, and the eggplant dish that she reported was excellent too. Our friend had been sick and just had lassi and nan.

Amazingly enough the entire bill came to $18.17 with tax.

Highly recommended!