36" One Man Crosscut Saw

My wife and I live on a two-acre mostly wooded lot near Point Arena, CA. We have a wood stove as our main source of heat, sometimes supplemented by small portable electric heaters. The winters are mild here, so staying warm is not a big problem. Most of the bigger trees on our lot are Bishop Pines, and they have a limited life span. When they die I cut them down for firewood.

I bought a German-made 36" One Man Crosscut Saw from Traditional Woodworker and am I ever happy with it. I have mostly been using an inexpensive Sears Craftsman 18" gasoline powered chain saw and don't like it. I was going to buy an expensive professional chain saw, but thought I would try a hand saw really designed to cut timber first. I don't like the gasoline exhaust and the constant maintenance needed on a chain saw. I don't like the danger of it, and I especially don't like the noise. I really hate chainsaw noise.

There were a number of wood saws to choose from at Traditional Woodworker. I decided to go with a 36" because some of the trees hear are large diameter. We have tan oaks, big-cone pines, and redwoods as well as the Bishop Pines, plus smaller species in the large shrub, small tree category such as manzanita and chinquapin.

There were three choices for type of saw by teeth. The Tuttle style saw has teeth designed for hardwoods. The Perforate Lance saw's teeth are optimal for cutting softwoods. Since I have both hardwoods and softwoods to cut, I bought the Regular saw. The metal is stamped "Made in Germany" but there is no brand on the saw.

Here's the saw:

one man crosscut saw

-- William P. Meyers


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