William P. Meyers

Indexing Services

P.O. Box 1581, Gualala, CA 95445
phone/fax 707-882-1818


• Specializing in indexing books and manuals on computer software, technology, and science.
• High quality indexes delivered on time.
• Technology book indexing since 1998.
• Legal indexes and databases for discovery process, 1980-1985.
• Member American Society of Indexers since 1998

Over 100 Books Indexed. See Attachment for complete list.

Presentations and Publications

Embedded Indexing in Microsoft Word. Presented to Golden Gate chapter of the American Society of Indexers, San Raphael, CA, November 20, 1999.
Computer Programming Basics for Indexers. Presented at the annual conference of the American Society of Indexers, Albuquerque, NM, May 10, 2000.

New (2005)! Indexing Books: Lessons in Language Computations published in Key Words (Bulletin of the ASI). Part I is in the April-June 2005 issue. Part II will appear in the July-September issue.
New (2005)! How To: Client Side Frame Manipulation Inside the Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Model with Visual Basic .NET

Computer and Technology Experience

• Began computer programming using APL and PL1 on an IBM mainframe in college in 1973.
• Worked on various minicomputer projects through the late 1970's and early 1980's.
• Began microcomputer programming in 1980.
• Familiar with most major microcomputer spreadsheet, database, and graphic production packages.
• Have written programs in Assembler, Pascal, Basic, C, C++, and Java. I am currently proficient in Visual Basic .NET.
• Creation of Web pages, animated graphics, 3D graphics.
• Hardware experience includes microcontroller hobby projects; basic working electronics knowledge.
• Very sound basic knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics.
• I also research software, hardware and biotechnology companies for investors, focusing on the value of their intellectual property.

Writing and Publishing Experience

• In 1997, researched and wrote much of Xtravaganza (on Macromedia Xtras) for author Chuck Henderson.
• Began writing and editing in 1971.
• Excellent writing and proofreading skills.
• Founded III Publishing in 1988 to publish experimental fiction and published an average of 2 trade paperback books annually until 1999. Duties included editing, layout, proofreading, cover design, marketing and promotion.


B.A. from Brown University, 1976, majoring in Political Science with emphasis in Applied Mathematics.

Civic Activities

Member of the Point Arena School Board since 1999 to 2007.