Resolution on Corporate Personhood
in the City of Point Arena


· Citizens of the City of Point Arena hope to nurture and expand democracy in our community and our nation.

· Democracy means governance by the people. Only natural persons should be able to participate in the democratic process.

· Interference in the democratic process by corporations frequently usurps the rights of citizens to govern.

· Corporations are artificial entities separate and apart from natural persons. Corporations are not naturally endowed with consciousness or the rights of natural persons. Corporations are creations of law and are only permitted to do what is authorized under law.

· Rejecting the concept of corporate personhood will advance meaningful campaign finance reform.

Therefore be it hereby resolved that:

The City of Point Arena agrees with Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black in his 1938 opinion in which he stated, "I do not believe the word 'person' in the 14th Amendment includes corporations."

Be it further resolved that:

The City of Point Arena shall encourage public discussion on the role of corporations in public
life and urge other cities to foster similar public discussion.


This resolution was passed with a 4 to 1 vote by the Point Arena City Council in Point Arena, CA on Tuesday, April 25th, 2000.

Redwood Coast Alliance for Democracy

California Center for Community Democracy