December 9, 2006
by William P. Meyers

Somalians just don't seem to understand that they should just let the government of the United States boss them around. In today's news the United Nations announced that they had authorized armed intervention. The idea is to put together an African force that will place the U.S. puppet "transitional" government in power over the Somali people.

The United Nations is often billed as a place to prevent war, but that is a big lie that requires frequent retelling to maintain a thread of believability. If they really were about stopping war they would protect smaller nations from larger ones. For instance, the U.N. could have sent troops to help keep out the American and British aggressors. But no.

Among the brilliant acts of U.N. history is the decision to take a chunk of Palestine and give it to non-Palestinians to create the state of Israel. Has that done a lot for world peace?

Somalians are used to foreigners. As I wrote in Portuguese Catholics Destroyed East African Islamic Societies in 1500's, the role of "civilized Europe" has always been one of piracy. Colonial rule only ended in 1960. Since that year the country has been regularly torn by strife. Relative calm and progress was achieved only under military rule from 1969 until 1991.

The so-called government of Somalia can't show a shred of support outside of its base in Baidoa. The Islamic Courts are the de-facto government of Somalia. They should be recognized as such by the outside world.

The U.S. government today, Democrats and Republicans alike, are acting like crazy people. They see demons that don't exist, and fail to address the real problems they should be confronting. The people of Somalia know what their options are. They have voted with their hearts and guns to rule themselves through the Islamic Courts, just as the Palestinians have chosen to rule themselves through Hamas. Religion is not really the issue here. The issue is what party or system can provide safety and justice? So far the Islamic Courts have an excellent record with safety and justice.

If the Islamic Courts end up become corrupt or too intrusive into people's lives they will lose the support of the people, just as the Taliban did in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, leave those kids alone. Every foreign power should stay out of Somalia. Including the United Nations.