To the Democrats Belong the Spoils
December 29, 2006
by William P. Meyers

According to the New York Times (In Minnesota, Case Study for Political Shakeup) the Democrats are already hard at work following their election victories.

Tradition is that the majority party gets their offices in the fourth and fifth floors of the legislative office building; the minority has to put up with the second and third floors.

The Democrat aren't about to waste time planning to govern better. They are wasting time picking out fourth and fifth floor offices and planning their moves.

The Democratic Party has changed a bit since it was founded around that dashing Indian killer General Andrew Jackson. It was founded on the principles of slavery, genocide, war, and the spoil of office. After losing the civil war it gave up on slavery; after a rearguard action involving a century of racial segregation, the Democratic Party even mostly gave up Jim Crow in the 1960's. Genocide, war, and the spoils of office are still very much on the agenda. Lefty Democrats will protest this characterization, and Rush Republicans will claim that Nancy Pelosi is left-wing even for someone known to have communist sympathies. But the party has never renounced its war crimes and crimes against humanity. See A Brief History of the Democratic Party for a deeper look.

There are more to the spoils of office than who gets a corner suite on which floor. There is the next round of campaign donations, for instance. Most organizations that need something from the government regularly contribute to both political parties. But the party in control gets most of those spoils; the B team gets just enough juice to keep them lean and aggressive.

It is very likely the working people of the United States will be tossed a few bones by the Democrats at the national, state, and local level. Be glad if there is some scrap meat on the bones. Because the tenderloins are going to continue to go to the rich, just as they always have. Because the American people have been happy to sell their votes for scraps; and our elected officials have always been happy to sell their votes for a share of the tenderloin.

Have a great 2007!