US War Crimes in Somalia
January 9, 2007
by William P. Meyers

Today the New York Times confirmed that U.S. military personel have been and are on the ground in Somalia and that US AC-130 gunships have begun murdering Somalians.

A couple of years ago the CIA created what is now called the government of Somalia by calling together some war lords who were willing to take CIA money to say they were anti-Islamic. Interestingly enough the people of Somalia had grown sick of the war lords, so they set up a grass roots government of their own, the Islamic Justice Courts. So unpopular was the CIA-backed government that just 2 weeks ago it effectively governed one small desert town near the Ethiopian border.

So the CIA hired even more help. The most Christian government of Ethiopia has a fairly modern army including tanks and jets. The people of Somalia had only small arms. So in what only can be called a blitzkrieg, exactly parallel to the invasions of Poland and France by Germany in World War II, the CIA-backed war criminals rolled into Somalia, easily defeating the people's militias.

But that was not enough. The unelected, CIA-selected overlord of Somalia, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed ("transitional president") has "invited" the U.S.A. to murder Somalians without trial. The U.S. has already established a military base there! "Special Forces units operating from an American base in Djibouti are conducting a hunt [for] Qaeda operatives."

Part of the hunt involves the use of AC-130 gunships. These weapons of mass destruction spray huge numbers of bullets at targets. They were used to mow down civilians and Viet Cong alike in Vietnam. They were used in El Salvador. Of course they are used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fortunately, so far only 22 to 27 Somalis have been reported killed by American action, if you don't count the Ethiopian criminals as US surrogates, which of course they are.

Does it sound like yet another Vietnam? Install a government against the will of a nation, have that government "ask" the U.S. to come in an kill "enemies," and don't worry if the methods catch numerous civilians in the cross fire.

George Bush is a war criminal. His administration are war criminals. Unless Pelosi and the Democrats immediately stop the war criminals by cutting off their funds or whatever other parliamentary tactics are at their disposal, I consider them to be war criminals too. There is no moral excuse for going along with these crimes.

Frankly, I think most American citizens are war criminals at heart. They are perfectly happy to have a warrior President who kills whoever he pleases. I am very pleased that there are still a small group of people in the US that actually opposes our governments war crimes, even if they never do anything but make feeble, ineffective protests.