Irradiated Food Industry Asks
FDA Permission to Lie

April 4, 2007
by William P. Meyers

Some people have a diabolical plan to zap your food with radiation. The resulting food won't have a detectible level of radioactivity, but it will have molecules that have been scrambled up. Some of these molecules will be harmless; others will act as long term poisons. Who are these people and why hasn't the Bush administration arrested them?

They aren't Islamic. They are money. They are called the irradiated food industry. When they sell you their idea they say they will make your food safer by killing microorganisms, including poisonous ones like E. Coli. When they sell the Democrats, Republicans and FDA their idea they just make campaign donations.

The irradiated food industry has had trouble selling its products to customers because most people see the label saying "irradiated" and refuse to buy. So the industry has lobbied for years to get "irradiated" changed to "pasteurized." Now the FDA has proposed to make that change.

I know about the irradiation industry because they snuck a couple of sentences into the federal farm bill of 2002 that allowed them to dump poisoned food into the federal commodities to school program. I heard about it. I am on the local school board and mentioned it to some parents and community members. Our community rose up and demanded that we refuse irradiated food. After a series of meetings, including one where an industry spokesperson came and and tried to fool our community, our school board banned irradiated foods on February 6, 2003. Soon other school boards were telling the feds that they would refuse to take the food, and in 2004 the whole scheme pretty much collapsed.

But a lot of capital went into the irradiated food industry. The slaughterhouse industry likes it too because they can get excrement all over your food and the FDA will no longer care, if the whole lot is irradiated.

These evil people are back. I know from past investigations that within the FDA are good people who are against irradiation, and bad people who are pushing it (and who will get fat-paying private jobs as a reward). I know that irradiate food has never been subjected to the kinds of studies required to get new drugs on the market. I know that some older studies showed it was bad for rats.

It is a lie. Pasteurization is a specific process that uses heat. Irradiation is an entirely different process.

You can read the principal FDA document on this change. You can learn about the dangers of irradiated food at Public Citizen. You can give your opinion about the change to the FDA at their public comment site, identified by Docket No. 2005N-0272, or send a letter to Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, rm. 1061,Rockville, MD 20852

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