Somalia: U.S. Injustice Now Rules
April 20, 2007
by William P. Meyers

Life in Mogadishu, the main city of Somalia and place of its "Transitional Government" (read CIA-appointed U.S. puppet government) has gotten a lot worse since the Islamic Justice Courts were closed. Over 200,000 have fled from the city. Fighting takes place daily between the supporters of the Islamic Justice Courts and the U.S. backed "government." Without troops from Ethiopia and Uganda the government would not stand a chance, as was demonstrated in 2006. The government is hated by most of the people, as are the foreign troops, as is the U.S.

The government is some former warlords the CIA paid to take on the Islamic Justice Court movement. It was elected by no one and supported by virtually no one in Somalia. After years of corrupt rule by war lords in 2006 the people revolted and set up the Islamic Justice Court system. As people saw how well this system worked, bringing peace and an end to organized robbery, the area controlled by the people through their Courts expanded. It is one of the great Democracy stories of our modern era.

But President George Bush and his Democratic Party allies react like bulls to a red flag when they hear the word "Islamic." They aren't too keen on Justice either. So a perfectly workable plan to restore justice and prosperity to Somalia had to be destroyed. The blitzkrieg-like invasion by the Ethopian military was a war crime, and it was a war crime arranged by George W. Bush and friends. U.S. troops and air power helped with the invasion. The numerous Somali deaths in and after the invasion, in a just world, would be treated as premeditated murder by Bush and company.

But since it is just a side show to the wars being waged by the U.S. against the Iraq and Afghanistan, it is not an issue in the U.S. No U.S. troops died in Somalia this year. As long as the people who are dying are poor, black, and Islamic they are not really worth taking note of.

The U.N. gave its tacit permission to the war crimes, too. It is a sick organization and needs to be reformed or dismantled. An international peace keeping organization needs to keep the peace. It's first order of business would be to invade the U.S. and take away all U.S. miliary weapons; ban the two major U.S. war crimes parties; and hold free elections. Don't expect to see that any time soon.

Removing the George W. Bushes from office is not enough, though it would be nice. We need to prosecute war criminals and ban the war crimes parties. Then the U.S. might live in peace with the world. Then we might even try setting up some sort of justice system in the U.S. that actually gives ordinary people security in their rights and possessions.

I don't think Islam would be very helpful in establishing justice in the U.S. I don't think any particular religion would be very helpful. Christianity has not helped one bit, as far as I can tell. I suspect that in Somalia a lot of people aren't so different than here in the U.S. Most people want justice, but getting killed fighting for it is not very attractive. In the U.S. people won't even bother to go to the polls once a year and vote for it. In Somalia you have more brave people, willing to fight for justice. The U.S. is mostly a nation of cowards. The only people who fight are on the U.S. government payroll or are just looking out for themselves.

Right now our best hope for peace and justice is the Green Party. It's a slim chance but it is better than wasting time trying to reform the Democratic Party.

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