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Introducing Anarcho-Syndicalism
The Santa Clara Blues: Corporate Personhood versus Democracy
Nonviolence and Its Violent Consequences
A Brief History of the Democratic Party
A Brief History of the Republican Party

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The Nihilist Princess by Louise M. Gagneur

The Nihilist Princess was originally published in the United States in 1881. By then the radically feminist author, Louise M. Gagneur, was one of the best-selling writers in Europe.

Gagneur talls the tale of Princess Wanda, a relation of the Czar who has joined the nihilists. The nihilists are for freedom and against the enslavement of the Russian people by the Czar and his aristocracy. Though Wanda is the daughter of the powerful Prince Kryloff and is invited to the best balls of the empire, she must be careful to conceal her nihilist beliefs because even she could be tortured, exiled, or executed if caught by the secret police. This novel is a 19th century page-turner; most novels of that era now forced upon children in our schools pale by comparison.

"Set in czarist Russia, The Nihilist Princess is one of many works of fiction written during the late nineteenth century by French author Gagneur. The central character, Princess Wanda Kryloff, uses her royal connections and compelling beauty to undermine Russian aristocratic and authoritarian rule. Wanda travels nights dressed as a man, accompanied by her servant who introduced her to the nihilist cause. The princess joins the secretive Revolutionary Committee, concocts a fake marriage to gain autonomy from her father, and discovers that her mother is not dead but has also joined the revolutionary underground. The story is replete with revolutionary passion, furtive scheming, unrequited love, violent rebellion, and the ultimate sacrifice, death for the cause. The first twentieth-century publication of the novel and the only English-language translation of Gagneur's writing, The Nihilist Princess presents women as active and critical participants in revolutionary activity; its Publication calls attention to a radical feminist author whose life and work deserve scholarly attention."
— Susan K. Freeman, Journal of Women's History

Down and Out in the Ivy League
by J.G. Eccarius

Just as William Faulkner was miserable in college (he was called "Count-no-Count" because of his shabby clothes) so was J.G. Eccarius's protagonist Jay, who is portrayed as going hungry and being penniless while attending Brown University. No wonder his stories and novels often have an "eat the rich" theme. In the sections about Jay's childhood we see a fellow altar-boy first molested and then murdered by a priest. But the humor here is not always dark: there is also a story about helping out two children in trouble and one about Christian fanatics who spend all their time destroying fossils so no one will be deluded into believing in Evolution. The book ends with a flashback to Roman times where a Jewish peasant has visions of the future where he will be the Charles Manson, and therefore starts prophesying and believing he is the Son of God. This book is not to be missed if you have a sense of humor about religion, politics, or life.

Review by Lisa Dumond

by Michel Mery

Pyrexia by Michel Mery describes the reality of Abelard, who in the opening chapter has just found Pyrexia, the sex goddess at the beginning of the universe. But the alarm rings, forcing him out of his Global Un-Manifested (GUM) tour of other beings reality. Can he find her again? And what about all the trips he makes with the GUM to 20th and 21st Century Paris and New York City?
Pyrexia at Amazon [Michel Mery's edition]
Pyrexia sample
Review of Pyrexia
Short Stories by Michel Mery
Everybody Lives at 10 Downing Street (short story)

Deconstruction Acres
by Tim W. Brown

Underdog manages to get kicked our of Jasper College within weeks of arriving. Booted by his parents as well, he stays in Jasper and gets a job at the campus copy shop. He is pursued by the beautiful and sexy daughter of his landlady, but is in love with the hauntingly beautiful Ione. Things get complicated when Ione dates Race Fletcher, English professor and author of a best-selling book deconstructing Green Acres. A colorful satire of campus life.

Deconstruction Acres sample
Tim W. Brown's home page

The Last Days of Christ the Vampire
by J.G. Eccarius

The Last Days of Christ the Vampire by J.G. Eccarius is set in Providence, Rhode Island, where a small group of people discovers that Jesus really Lives, he rose from the dead and controls the Catholic Church and Protestant sects as well. It's an action-packed battle against the ancient vampire.

More about The Last Days of Christ the Vampire

Anarchist Farm
by Jane Doe

Anarchist Farm by Jane Doe is written in classic children's-book style, but it will fascinate readers of all ages. The evil Corporation is destroying the forest and turning farms into factories. The animals can no longer escape: if they want to live, they must fight back. And they do. Read this book if you read nothing else this year.

sample from ANARCHIST FARM
Practical Anarchy review

The Father, The Son, and The Walkperson
by Michel Mery

The Father, The Son, and The Walkperson by Michel Méry is a tour-de-force illuminating our society from forbidden perspectives. Chaos lurks behind the lines of every page, taking the society of the spectacle to new heights. You'll find yourself crying, laughing, and sometime just plain dazzled. Join the Father, Son, Walkperson, and other sentient beings in their quest for meaning in their absurd creation.

Resurrection 2027
by J.G. Eccarius

J.G. Eccarius is back with this science-fiction look at a theocracy governing what's left of the human race. God is a woman, her representatives are women, and yet Ann Swanson, a teenage woman, begins to feel plenty oppressed in Resurrection City. Is she really a resurrected nurse from the late 20th century? Or is the entire society a fabric of lies?

Geminga, Sword of the Shining Path
by Melvin Litton

Rodger just wants to do his construction work and play an occasional music gig. But when Geminga enters his life, everything changes. She's the deadliest assassin working for Peru's Shining Path. So what is she doing in California, and what could she want with Rodger? Find out in GEMINGA by Melvin Litton.

by Mark Ivanhoe

VIRGINTOOTH by Mark Ivanhoe isn't your ordinary vampire novel. Elizabeth was a misfit teenager, and life doesn't get better for her when resurrected from the dead by the Master. Ivanhoe turns her sojourn with the vampire society into a devestating satire on human nature. And as if being a misfit vampire isn't bad enough, it's beginning to look like ferral vampires are going to bring the world to an end...

This'll Kill Ya
by Harry Willson

THIS'LL KILL YA by Harry Willson is a book you won't want to read if you believe in censorship. It contains much language that will offend both the Christian Right and the Left Wing Politically Correct. Actually, if you aren't too prejudiced, you might just die laughing while you read it.

We Should Have Killed the King
by J.G. Eccarius

WE SHOULD HAVE KILLED THE KING by J.G. Eccarius starts in Medievel England with the Great Peasant Rebellion, jumps to the 1970's and 80's underground in the U.S., and ends with a brief vision of the not-to-distant future. Punk fiction, raw and uncensored.

Vampires or Gods?
by William Meyers

VAMPIRES OR GODS? proves that vampires have actually existed by examining ancient documents, many of which are quoted extensively in the text. It shows how vampires used their special abilities to set themselves up as Gods and rule both small cults and sometimes major religions. It's hard to believe until you look at the evidence for yourself.

by Saab Lofton
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In a few years the White Aryan Resistance and the Nation of Islam will divide Amercia into racist regimes. Saab Lofton's A.D. starts with a look at one man's life under Farrakan's regime, then dives centuries into the future to look at a Libertarian Socialist Democracy, Saab's vision of Utopia.

sample from A.D.
Review of A.D. by Darius James
Practical Anarchy review

My Journey With Aristotle to the Anarchist Utopia
by Graham Purchase
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My Journey With Aristotle to the Anarchist Utopia by Graham Purchase takes you to the edible, recyclable Bear City, where people do just fine without police, bosses, or government. Cooperation and natural technology do the trick. It's a fun way to learn the basics of anarchism.