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Do We Agree?

a poem by William P. Meyers

Do we agree?
I don't think so.

Mohammed was no prophet to me
He was a good business man
A good general, and a good preacher.
He launched an empire
With all the entailed good and evil.

But he was ignorant of Nature
He did not know the universe
His philosophy and ethics
Were rooted in local tribal feuds.

He did not know or foresee
DNA or evolution,
Electrons or relativity,
Gunpowder, trains, or bikinis.

We look the same:
Toes, feet, legs, trunks,
Arms, heads, eyes and hair.
We dissect the same:
Heart, liver, kidney, lungs.

But when you were a child
Our brains were twisted in knots.
I untwisted myself from Roman Catholicism.

Untwist yourself from Islam.
Then, perhaps, we might agree.

Copyright 2017 by William P. Meyers, all rights reserved