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A Teaspoon of Trouble

a poem by William P. Meyers

Confusion wears many robes:
The utter darkness and deafness of mortal wounds
The bright white light of peaking intoxication
The great systems of lies
And little deceptions of false lovers
The feinting of fencing, business and war.

In other words, confusion is normal
The normal state of humans
And normal state of nature.

Choices abound.
Go with the flow
Or grab at a rock
Or swim for shore.

Ancient heroes, tossed in stormy waters
Swam miles to shore and triumphs.
Modern youths, raised in green houses,
Drown in the first teaspoon of trouble.

Clarity wears many robes:
The candle lit in a dark room
The slow dawning of reason
Or realizing who is friend, and who is foe;

Clarity may come from
The great and sometimes ageless books,
Or genes wizened by 3 billion years
Saving your sorry ass once again
From predators, diseases, and pitfalls.

Creep across the vast landscape, little spider
The danger is not me, not today,
But spiders greater than you,
In this land of milk and honey.

Copyright 2015 by William P. Meyers, all rights reserved