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This is an aggregation page. Most of the Afghanistan articles are blog entries written by William P. Meyers. Off site articles are listed after this site's articles. For more national pages, see the International page.

President Obama and Sergeant Robert Bales [March 19, 2012]

Afghanistan War Nears Shutdown [June 6, 2011]

Carrying Firewood [March 3, 2011]

Karzai, Obama, and Opium [April 10, 2010]
Barack Obama, Vietnam, and Afghanistan [March 5, 2010]
Obama's Remnant Sale [December 11, 2009]
Afghanistan: the Last Crusade? [May 9, 2009]
Obama's Asian War Extension Course [March 30, 2009]
President Obama Does Afghanistan [February 10, 2009]
Military Assessment of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the War on Terror [March 14, 2007]

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