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"Why is the American occupation of the Philippines justified, while the Japanese seizure of Formosa is not? Why is it just for Great Britain to control India, but not for Japan to control Korea?" — Osaka Asahi, March 3, 1932, evening edition

This is a consolidation page. It consists mainly of links to pages about Japan at this site, plus some off site Japan links. It is skewed to questions of history rather than current events.

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The United States Bullies Japan in the 1850s

Japan: Notes from Harry Truman's Memoirs

Japan: Notes from Rising Sun by John Toland

Manchuria, Manchukuo and Tibet: Puppets and Autonomy

On Not Going to War: The U.S., China, and Japan

Masaharu Homma's War Crimes

Notes on General Douglas MacArthur

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Wikipedia Japan page

Edohei by Toshusai Haraku

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Map of Japan, 1902