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Republican Party
of the United States of America

"So Ab decided it was the mule that showed it up, that when it was the only horse or mule in sight
it looked pretty good and that it was standing by something else on four legs
that done the damage." — The Hamlet, William Faulkner

A Brief History of the Republican Party

Newt's Open Presidency [January 20, 2012]
Tea Party Ovens [September 13, 2011]
A Republican Hurricane [August 28, 2011]
Republican, Democratic, and Tea Party [August 3, 2011]
Republicans, Loaves and Fishes [July 31, 2011]
Good Friday, Socialism, and Acts 4 [April 22, 2011]

Bush and Beyond [August 29, 2007]
Evolution of Republican Presidential Candidates [May 4, 2007]
George W. Bush and Korea [February 14, 2007]
Bush, Taxes and Democrats [January 4, 2007]
Saddam Hussein and Abraham Lincoln [December 30, 2006]