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Latter Day Saints and Mormonism

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"I will be to this generation a second Mohammed, whose motto in treating for peace was The Alcoran or the Sword. So it shall eventually be with us: Joseph Smith or the Sword."
—Joseph Smith, October 14, 1838

Essays on Mormons

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About Religious Cults and Mormonism

This site has quite a bit of information and opinion about religions, including both serious and humorous essays and fiction. Cults are the nuclei, the starting points, of organized religions. Many social groups exhibit cult-like behavior but are not religious, such as fan organizations, sports clubs, and small political parties.

Cults can be points of creation; they can also be very destructive to the individuals in them.

The mainstream Latter Day Saints have grown well beyond being a cult to being a religion. But many splinter sects (typically fundamentalist polygamists) of Mormonism should still be classified as cults.

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