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Hoping for a Better President
October 24, 2012
by William P. Meyers

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I have not done any Natural Liberation Blog writing for three weeks mainly because I had some freelance work to do. I did write about the California Propositions that will be on the ballot on election day. You can read them at CaliforniaDemocracy.org.

Like most educated, thoughtful people I have been appalled by the lack of substance in the three Presidential debates. Mitt Romney danced from the Tea Party electoral suicide cliff over towards the political center, but his real message was that if you are hoping for a better tomorrow, he's your man. President Obama, of course, is not going to let anyone out hope him, but is tarnished by four years of reality impinging on the dream.

I could have saved everyone a lot of trouble if they would have let me script the debate. Here's a sample:

ROMNEY: I know how to create jobs. If you vote for me unemployment will disappear, wages will rise, and soon you'll be able to afford more wives and your own planet when you die.

OBAMA: When I was handed the Presidential Baton by Republican President George W. Bush the entire economy was melting down. I turned the economy around and now our nation is pointed in the right direction. If you vote for me unemployment will disappear, wages will rise, and women will make so much money they won't need to get married to have a nice apartment or own a house. My opponent shipped jobs to China. Jobs you should have had, like spending twelve hour days soldering little tiny electronic parts together to make iPhones and Blackberries and, what were those things called? PCs.

ROMNEY: I am a job creator. Mr. President, there are more people out of work today than when you started office. You are a job destroyer. I am the essence of Hope.

OBAMA: Wait a second there. You can't be the essence of Hope. I had dibs on that.

ROMNEY: Did not!

OBAMA: Did too!

Yeah, it was sad. Even the Vice-presidential debate was a big disappointment. Where was the Paul Ryan who wants the unfit to live in the streets or die off so that the Ayn Rand superhero set can be freed of the burden of taking care of them? Running to the center. Boring.

Let's get real. The nation is run by a Ruling Class of Capitalists who have perfected the Corporate Security State. To the average citizen the intra-faith squabbles of the ruling class are as obscure as the intra-party Chinese Communist Party squabbles are to the average Chinese peasant or slave worker in an Apple factory.

It's all one big gullibility test. Do you believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is coming back some day to judge you for your sins? That will be one-tenth of your income, please. Do you believe that Joseph Smith, with the help of an angel, found some gold tablets on which was written the history of the Lost Tribes of Israel? That will be one-tenth of your income, but it's a better deal because you can own and trade women like so many automobiles (despite their prophetic abilities, neither Jesus nor Joseph Smith foresaw the internal combustion engine.)

Do you believe that evolution and global warming are frauds? That there are not enough human beings on this earth? That quantum physics proves that Buddhism is the one true religion? That it is not a war crime to kill women and children with armed drones, because Democrats are not war criminals?

No matter. Just show state-issued valid Identification, and you can help choose our President. And Congress too. Ain' t Democracy Grand.

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