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Charles Darwin proposed that living species of plants and animals evolved and differentiated from common ancestors over a very long period of time through the process of natural selection. There was already good evidence that his theory, as generally outlined, was correct. We know much more about the fossil record, genetics, and today than naturalists knew when Darwin published The Origin of Species. The honest observation of the natural world leads all honest, intelligent people who study the question to conclude that life evolved on earth, that mutations provided the genetic diversity for differences between species, and that natural selection (which can include both chance and survival of the fittest) determined the course of evolution.

The natural evolution of life plays an important role in Natural Liberation philosophy. This page consolidates links to our pages mentioning Darwin, and to informative pages at other sites.

Randomness, Chance, and Two Darwins [April 18, 2009]

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etext is cool, but since old copies of the Origin of Species are easy to come by, I recommend keeping one in your physical library.

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