Japan: Day of Deceit Notes

for The U.S. War Against Asia
by William P. Meyers

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Page 3 of Notes from

Day of Deceit, the Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor
by Robert B. Stinnett

Having received this intelligence of an attack on Pearl Harbor from Cordell Hull, Arthur McCollum sent an analystis to Admiral Husband Kimmel calling the idea just a rumor. [31-32]

By this time (early 1941), from broken Japanese Naval codes, FDR was being appraised of Japanese warship movements in the western Pacific [32].

In shuffling of the command structure of the Navy on February 1, 1941, FDR sidelined Admiral James Richardson, appointed Husband Kimmel to the command of the Pacific Fleet, and promoted a henchman, Capter Walter Anderson, previously the Director of Naval Intelligence, to rear admiral in command of the Pacific Fleet battleships. Admiral Stark wrote "The appointment was forced on us by the White House." Anderson was in on the plan to provoke Japan into attacking first to bring the U.S. out of isolationism. [34-35]

(Stinnett claims) "Anderson was sent to Hawaii as an intelligence gatekeeper," who purposely kept Kimmel in the dark about decrypted Japanese messages, even the one decrypted by the Army at Station FIVE in Hawaii [36-37].

Back on August 10, 1936, FDR had circulated a memo stating any Japanese-American in Hawaii suspected of spying "would be the first to be placed in a concentration camp in the event of trouble." Yet Japanese spy Tadashi Morimura was allowed to spy and transmit his findings without being arrested, protected by Walter Anderson [84-85].

Kimmel was undercut by the "Vacant Sea order," which came direct from FDR and prevented both commercial and U.S. Navy boats from venturing into the seas northwest of Hawaii. "Exactly two weeks prior to the attack, Kimmel ordered a search for a Japanese carrier force north of Hawaii. Without White House approval, he moved the Pacific Fleet into the North Pacific Ocean in the precise area where Japan planned to launch her carrier attack on Pearl Harbor ... When White House military officials learned Kimmel's warships were in the area ... they issued directives that caused Kimmel to quickly order the Pacific Fleet out of the North Pacific and back to its anchorages in Pearl Harbor." [145. footnoted to naval archives]

Exercise 191, begun November 23, 1941, came very near to replicating in a war exercise the actual attack on Pearl Harbor, except that the U.S. Navy ships playing Black [Japan] actually had opposition from the White team [146-150]

There were orders from Washington that not only prevented surveillance of the North Pacific, but sent Hawaii's aircraft carriers on dubious missions just before Pearl Harbor. the battleships at Pearl Harbor were sacrificed because they were mostly older, WWI era ships, soon to be replaced. The aircraft carriers were newer and more valuable, hence were sent away from Pearl Harbor so they could be used later in the war.[151-153]


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