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Green Party Registration Drive
March 9, 2011
by William P. Meyers

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I received a mailer from the Green Party of California announcing a voter registration drive today. It was a good mailer with good points.

"Progressives and liberals and even the general public are realizing Democrats are not going to prioritize helping ordinary Americans - that their priorities continue to favor corporations and the wealthy."

"With more effective grassroots organizing" [the Green Party] "can raise sufficient funds to build the party's membership, increase our volunteer base and elect more candidates to office."

"We can even point out that it's possible for the Green Party to replace one of the two status quo parties - which is what happened when the Republican Party replaced the Whig Party in 1854-1856 (after first being preceded by the anti-slavery Liberty Party, which then merged into the Free Soil Party ain 1848, which then merged into the Republican Party in 1854)." [See also: A Brief History of the Republican Party]

"We can show voters our stance on a particular issue that they care about (such as health care, or jobs, or taxes, or the Iraq and Afghanistan wars) is one they should support at the polls."

I can be more forthright about registered Democrats. Both the Republican Party and Democratic Party are War Crimes Organizations. They are both political parties that have authorized the U.S. military, on numerous occasions, to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity. In particular, the Democratic Party is the only party in the history of the world to use atomic weapons in war, and against civilian populations at that. If you are registered in the Democratic Party, you are a member of a war crimes organization. Don't deny it. Register Green, or at least become independent (in California, that means changing your registration status to "Decline to State").

To learn more about the Green Party of California go to: Green Party of California

Direct link for donations: Green Party of California Donations

To find links to other state parties, and Green Parties in other nations: Green Party of the United States

You have the right to vote for change, and to run for office. Change will not come floating on pretty rhetoric out of Chicago. It requires determination and persistence.

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