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World Will Warm to Trump
November 9, 2016
by William P. Meyers

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rural whites vote in an urban Con Artist

On election day, warm bodies count. It does not matter if they are sophisticated urban bodies or rude rural bodies, they each get to vote.

When the votes were added up last night, Donald Trump had won his quest to be President of the United States.

Campaigning, the Donald had a simple message: elect me. I am great, America will be great, you will be part of greatness if you elect Me.

To the extent Mr. Trump espoused policies, they were aimed at deep-seated prejudices and offered simplistic solutions. Not making enough money? It is because of trade deals and taxes on the rich being too high. Can't find a job? Must be illegal immigrants.

I can only hope that Trump will be a better President than his campaign speeches would indicate. But that is hope. I believe the situation is dire.

The Republican Party won both houses of Congress and will be able to appoint a fascist to the Supreme Court. That means for the next two years, at least, they can do anything they want.

The can outlaw abortion.

They can cancel trade treaties.

They can reverse any program that protected the environment, including anything aimed at global warming.

They can establish Christianity as the national religion. They can ban the teaching of real science in the schools.

They can start a war, and spend endless amounts of money on military procurement to make their friends rich.

A few important state remain in the hands of the Democrats, notably California and New York.

What is remarkable is that Donald Trump barely won the election. But that will not matter in the Fox News new reality. The current count shows Trump lost to Hillary Clinton by 0.1% of the national vote. In America that does not matter. Trump won in the Electoral College vote.

Winning matters.

The only thing that could save the world now is if Donald Trump comes out with statements like "Oh, I've studied that global warming thing, and it is real, so we are going to do something about it."

Meanwhile, put on your hard hat, because "a hard rain's gonna be falling."

Addendum: later results showed Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote. The Democrats are trying to make much of that, but it does not matter. Until the Electoral College is abolished, the national popular vote does not matter in Presidential elections.

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