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Quick Takes Ten 2020 Presidential Candidates
November 19, 2018
by William P. Meyers

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Quick Impressions of the Candidates

The following impressions are in no particular order.

Elizabeth Warren. Competent and experienced, Ms. Warren is a high-quality candidate. I have only one complaint, her leading one of the first attacks on Obamacare, when she helped the medical device manufacturers of Massachusetts by killing the tax on them. Currently 69, she is a bit older than I like my presidents, but if she is in good mental and physical health, not a big issue.

Kamala Harris. My current favorite. Born in the working class, did not go to fancy universities, got a law degree from the University of California. Did a good job as a DA in San Francisco, then as Attorney General for California. A weakness might be her limited time in Washington, D.C. She is 54 years old, a good age for a President. Positioning herself as progressive on issues, I believe that is real, not just positioning.

Kirsten Gillibrand. The Senator from New York has shown some flexibility, relatively conservative when in a conservative district, moving to liberal to represent the full state of New York, now positioning herself well to the left where the primary energy is expected to be. Not unlike Bernie Sanders in 2016. But can we trust her? At least she is a female Bernie.

Eric Garcetti. Just threw him in to make it to ten. There are lots of other hopefuls, like Michael Avenatti. But then again, back in time Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton seemed to come out of nowhere. Be ready for surprises. Also remember that some may really be hoping for the VP slot.

Cory Booker. The Senator for New Jersey is fiery and progressive, but so far a bit over-dramatic for my tastes. Certainly checks all the progressive buttons. Worth watching.

Sherrod Brown. He shows some real class, but for now I'm just seeing him as another white male who does not realize plenty of women are capable of being President.

Jay Inslee. I like Jay, he is progressive and has been an effective governor of Washington State. He is not too old. But why nominate another white male?

Bernie Sanders. Please no, too old, too white, too male, too a creature of the past.

Joe Biden. Please no, too old, too white, too male, too a creature of the past.

Hillary Clinton. Please no. I supported Hillary in 2016. Give someone else a chance.

Clearly I prefer a female candidate. 2020 is the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote in America, but we have gone 100 years without a female president. Any of the female candidates is preferred by me to any of the male candidates.

Also note there will be some time before most candidates officially declare, largely because of fundraising rules. I would like to know more about the candidates. Those who are closer to me on policy may not be the ones best able to defeat Donald Trump or whoever the Republicans nominate.

I plan to support the Democratic Party nominee in 2020, whoever is chosen.

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