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Notes on The Memoirs of Cordell Hull
by William P. Meyers

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Introductory note: these notes were taken mainly as research on U.S. and Japanese relations. However, given Cordell Hull's role in American governance between 1900 and 1945, culmulating in his selection as Secretary of State under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, other topics of interest to me are noted as well. These notes are by no means definitive. Since they reflect his Memoirs, they also reflect Cordell Hull's biases, memory, and desire to portray himself in a positive light.

Source: The Memoirs of Cordell Hull
New York, The Macmillan Company, 1948
in 2 volumes

1. Background and Schooling [1871-1891]
2. Tennessee Legislature, Law, and Congress
3. Introduction of the Income Tax
4. Tariffs, taxes and World War I
5. Becomes Democratic Party chairman
6. Disarmament, 1928 Election, and Election as Senator
7. Cordell Hull Appointed Secretary of State by FDR
8. Hitler, Japan, Haiti confront new Secretary of State
9. Cordell Hull on Disarmament, Germany and France
10. U.S. Relations with Japan and China, 1933 to 1934
11. Naval Rivalry Between U.S. and Japan in 1934
12. Russia, Cuba, Latin American; London Naval Conference Failure
13. Neutrality Act, Spanish Civil War, Japan and U.S. Troops in China
14. Japan, China and the U.S., 1937
15. Dodging Neutrality in Asia, the Panay Incident
The Ludlow Resolution, Extraterritoriality, and Japan in 1938
17. Recognizing the Franco Regime, Albania Invaded, and Strategic Materials
18. America and Japan Spar Over China, 1939
19. Neutrality Maneuvers, War in Europe, Decrying Bombing Civilians
20. 1939: U.S. Stays Out of War; Winter War; Vatican; Japan Isolated
21. Japan, the U.S., and China, 1939 to early 1940
22. Hulls' Japan Dilemma, Italy, Curacao, and Latin America
23. Negotiating with Spain's Francisco Franco During World War II
24. Japan and the U.S. Maneuver, 1940

Volume 2

25. 1941: Avoiding War
26. Japan and America Prepare for War, 1941
27. Prelude to the Battle of Pearl Harbor
28. Hull Ultimatum and Pearl Harbor Diplomacy
29. War and Diplomacy, 1942: Portugal, Spain, and War Criminals
30. Roosevelt's World War II policies towards India, Afghanistan, and Iran
31. Unconditional Surrendor, China Policy, and Retirement

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