Japan and the U.S.
Notes from Japan, China and the Powers

For The U.S. War Against Asia
by William P. Meyers

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All [page numbers] reference China, Japan, and the Powers by Meribeth E. Cameron, Thomas H. D. Manhoney, and George E. McReynolds. The Ronald Press Company, New York. Copyright 1952

Japan's Relations with the U.S. and Europe before 1860

1860 to 1900: Japanese Foreign Relations During Modernization

1900 to World War I: Japan as U.S. Ally and Rival

World War I and Peace: Japan Not Equal in U.S. Eyes

1920 to 1937: Contesting China

1937 to 1940: U.S. Economic and Proxy War with Japan

Japan’s Government before World War II

The Declarations of War in 1941 and the Aftermath

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