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This page links Democracy vs. Republic essays by William P. Meyers with select related web sources on the topic, including opposing views. Note that a lot of the contention is about how to define the two terms.

The Original America: Republic or Democracy? by William P. Meyers [February 19, 2002, at www.williampmeyers.org]

Christianity and the American Republic [April 23, 2012]

Democracy or Republic: Ron Paul Taken Apart by William P. Meyers [October 4, 2007]

Democracy, Federalism and the Fundamentalist Constitution [August 14, 2010]

Republic Movement attacks our Democracy [February 11, 2012]

Should the 17th Amendment be Repealed? [June 8, 2010]

Democracies, Republics, and School Boards [March 3, 2010]

Is America A Democracy? [January 8, 2009]

Egypt and Jacksonian Democracy [February 2, 2011]

Democracy at Wikipedia

Republic at Wikipedia

An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic This expresses the mistaken view that Republics protect minority rights, but Democracies do not. Still, an interesting viewpoint.

Republic vs. Democracy at 1215.org. This expresses the mistaken view that in a Republic sovereignty "is in each individual person." A good example of muddy thinking to get a pre-designated end result.

Democracy versus Republic at Free Republic.com. Typical rant that is correct at least in that the wealthy slavers who wrote the Constitution favored a Republic, and that many rich people still want minority rule, if they are the minority that rules.

Democracy versus Republic? at Yahoo.com Answers. A fair answer by a law professor, but he adds some confusion by equating Republics with the Republican Party and Democracy with the Democratic Party, which is already confusing to people.

Majority Rule v. Constitutional Republic. A good example of a right-wing conspiracy view, making God in charge of republics, but bankers (not Satan) in charge of democracies.

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