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Religious Cults

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Early Christianity
Fascism and Religion
Pagan Ideas
Protestant Sects


Essays on Cults

Exceptional American Polygamy [November 19, 2014]

Four Pillars of Mormonism and Islam [August 8, 2012]

About Religous Cults

This site has quite a bit of information and opinion about religions, including both serious and humorous essays and fiction. Cults are the nuclei, the starting points, of organized religions. Many social groups exhibit cult-like behavior but are not religious, such as fan organizations, sports clubs, and small political parties.

Cults can be points of creation; they can also be very destructive to the individuals in them. I'll be examining many specific cults and aspects of cult behavior in essays linked from this page.

Before following other links please read the note on toleration. You might want to check out my Philosophy section as well.