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The Roman Catholic Church

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Early Christianity
Fascism and Religion
Pagan Ideas
Protestant Sects


Essays on Catholicism

Catholic notes on John Toland's Adolf Hitler [July, 2021]

Pius IX and the Roots of Fascism [February 20, 2019]

Roman Catholic Roots of National Socialism [July 12, 2015]

Ash Wednesday Game of Groans [March 5, 2014]

Adolf Hitler, Charlemagne, and the Holy Roman Reich [November 19, 2013]

Putting the Holy in Holy Roman Empire [February 2, 2014]

The Roman Catholic Peace Plan of 1941 [April 16, 2012]
Italian Court Approves Annulments For Thought Crimes [November 13, 2010]
The Holy Roman Empire, Hitler, and Benedict XVI [May 14, 2009]
Pius XI and Fascism in Austria [February 18, 2009]
Saint Peter Denied Jesus; Pope Denies Holocaust [January 26, 2009]
On Good Works [April 4, 2010]
Pius XI and the Rise of General Franco
Pius XI and the Rise of Benito Mussolini
The Catholic Church's Dirty War in Argentina
Italy, Catholicism, and Fascism Today
Was Peter the First Pope?
Catholicism and Fascism
Ananias and Sapphira
The Vatican Rag
Basics of Catholicism
God: A Confusing Concept
Hitler's Catholicism
Franco's Spain, 1946-1960
Three Day Resurrections Explained

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Papal Encyclicals Online allows you to see what the Popes have had to say over the ages.
Pascendi Dominici Gregis was a 1909 encyclical against thinking.

About the Catholic Church

This site has quite a bit of information and opinion about the Catholic Church, including both serious and humerous essays and fiction.

For essays mentioning specific popes, see my Roman Catholic Popes page.

For news and humor be sure to check out The Vatican Rag. You can also find links to essays about the Church, its theology, history, and social impact on this page.

Before following other links please read the note on toleration. You might want to check out my Philosophy section as well.