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Nature wishing to save the Earth manifested in an elephant, and this manifestation is worshipped as Gunputty.

The voice of Gunputty is the voice of Nature and is everywhere, in the land, ocean and skies, from the redwood forests of California to the sands of Arabia, from the ancient Nordic forests to to the equatorial rainforests.

Gunputty is often identified with the Hindu elephant god Ganesh, but in fact brings a new message to the creatures of the earth.

Until recently what little was known in the west about Gunputty could be found only in James George Frazer's The Golden Bough, A Study in Magic and Religion, published in 1922:

"At Chinchvad, a small town about ten miles from Poona [Pune] in Western India, there lives a family of whom one in each generation is believed by a large proportion of the Mahrattas [Maratha] to be an incarnation of the elephant-headed god Gunputty. That celbrated deity was first made flesh about the year 1640 in the person of a Brahman of Poona, by name Mooraba Gosseyn, who sought to work out his salvation by abstinence, mortification, and prayer. His piety had its reward. The god himself appeared to him in a vision of the night and promised that a portion of his, that is of Gunputty's holy spirit would reside in him and his seed after him even to the seventh generation. The divine promise was fulfilled. Seven successive incarnations, transmitted from father to son, manifested the light of Gunputty to a dark world."

However, Gunputty's manifestations in this time of ecological crisis have become more frequent, and the number of followers of Gunputty has taken a quantum leap recently. Be sure to watch for signs of Gunputty's wisdom and power.

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