Vampire history

This page provides essential information and links to detailed information on known vampires. Most of the vampires described are known because they founded religions or political entities. Includes both some information from the first edition of Vampires or Gods by William Meyers, international expert in vampires, and some data being compiled for the second edition.

 Isis (& Osiris)

3000 BC - 400 AD
blood drinkers
rose from the dead
conferred immortality on followers

 Isis with Ramses III


Asia Minor
3000 BC - 400 AD
drank disciples blood



2300 BC - 400 AD
god of war and government
disciples drank his blood
original Holy Communion

 Mithras slaying Bull


2000 BC - 1 A.D.
rose from the dead
wine and blood drinker
miracle worker



1200 BC - 400 A.D.

rose from the dead
miracle worker

Three Day Resurrections



1000 BC - present
rose from the dead

 Krishna playing flute

Romulus (Quirinus)

700 BC - 400 AD
rose from the dead
founded Roman government

 Romulus and Remus

Caligula (Gaius Caesar)

12 A.D. - present
rose from the dead
made by Cybelle



 Central America
42 AD - 1300 AD
rose from the dead
drank human blood
fanged snake-god


Jesus Christ

8 A.D. - present
rose from the dead
offered his blood to disciples
founded Christian cult


Chang Ling

200 A.D. - present
Pope of Taoism

 Lau Tzu, founder of Taoism

(Vlad the Impaler)

1431 - present
Prince of Wallacia
Order of the Dragon
Grand Inquisitor of the Catholic Church