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Saint Peter Denied Jesus; Pope Denies Holocaust

January 26, 2009
by William P. Meyers

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"Saint" Peter famously denied knowing Jesus three times just prior to the Crucifixion [Mark 14:66-72], yet according to Roman Catholic lore he went on to become the first bishop of Rome, or Pope. The Catholic Church maintains that God made Peter and his successors His representative and Monarch on earth.

This week Benedict XVI, who was a teenage Hitler Youth, "healed a schism" in the Catholic Church by welcoming back four Bishops who are part of an ultra-conservative group that split from the Church in 1970 with archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Pope Benedict has not offered to reconcile with "liberal" Catholics that he and his predecessors expelled from the Church for the heresy of Liberation Theology, or even milder advocacy of reforms such as allowing female priests.

In the news media, the controversy is centered on Bishop Richard Williamson, who basically denied that the Holocaust was a purposeful attempt to exterminate Jews.

What is wrong with this picture?

Saint Peter denied Christ thrice. Apparently God forgave him and made him Pope. But ever since the Christians (later to split into Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox divisions) obtained state power (became the sole church of the later Roman Empire) they have not been forgiving. They have killed everyone who disagreed with them that they could get their hands on. That is how the old Pagan religions were exterminated in the late Roman empire. You could even believe that Jesus was God, and just split a theological hair or two, and the Catholic Church would burn you at the stake if they did not kill you in war. They exterminated the Christians known as Arians (not related to the aryan racial concept), the Cathars (See also Albigensian Crusade), Hussites, and Wycliff's followers in England. They tried to exterminate the Lutherans and failed, thus giving rise to the modern forms of Christianity known as Protestants.

Maybe the Jews killed Jesus, but the Christians recorded only a handful of the followers of Jesus were killed by Jews. Christians, and Roman Catholics, have killed tens of millions of Christians over the last 2 thousand years. Of course, they have also slaughtered non-Christians.

This pattern did not cease in the 20th century. In Spain the Catholic Church's loyal son General Franco killed some 2 million non-Catholics in the late 1930's. Then the Catholic fascists Adolf Hitler and Mussolini started World War II. The Catholic Church was more than happy when Hitler improved on Mussolini by exterminating atheists instead of just beating them up. Many minority groups were exterminated or slated for extermination by Hitler besides the Jews, including Gypsies and Poles.

The insane horror of all that is what is really brought back by bringing Bishop Richard Williamson back into the Catholic Church. In the 1960's the Church did not admit wrong doing, but at least it tried to reform itself. In contrast John Paul II and Benedict XVI are evil men who are trying to bring back the terrorist church of the Dark Ages.

Look deeper at the Holocaust and Fascism and you find the true engineers: Popes Pius XI and Pius XII. A look at the facts (See series Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism) compels any reasonable person to see that Fascism, World War II, and the Holocaust were purposeful creations of the Church.

But Roman Catholics will deny that. After all, their sect was founded by the king of denial.

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