And the War Goes On
August 16, 2009
by William P. Meyers

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The ruling class of the United States of America continues its military war upon the people of Afghanistan and its economic war upon the ruled class of people in these United States.

Changing administrations, changing Presidents from George W. Bush to Barack Obama, has made almost no change in how this nation is actually governed.. There are some changes around the edges, to be sure. They should be noted, certainly. But they should not be used to support any assertion that the big picture has changed.

The war in Afghanistan has become increasingly cruel and has been extended into Pakistan. The cost to the American taxpayer is enourmous, and the tally of dead and wounded American soldiers is mounting. American soldiers are not fighting the Taliban. They are fighting Afghan nationalists who want the foreign (in oh so many ways) invaders out of their country; these fighters just happen to be organized by the Taliban. On the other hand you have the traitors, President Hamid Karzai and crew. Even Hillary Clinton has called them a band of war lords and drug lords; but they are the war lords and drug lords who have chosen to serve America's ruling class.

Isn't the United Nations supposed to step in and help small nations like Afghanistan repel evil foreign invaders like the United States? Oh, I forgot that the United Nations is just a gang of cutthroats appointed by the ruling classes of each of their respective nations.

Here in the Point Arena, California area the local war crimes organization, which calls itself the Democratic Party, supports the killing of of Afghani civilians and freedom fighters. They now sound exactly like the Republicans did four years ago: the Taliban are evil. They hate women. They promote a religion we don't understand. The only difference now is that the local war criminal organizations, the Democratic Party and Republican Party, see eye to eye on this issue. Isn't it great to see America united again? Since they, the war crimes supporters, all agree on Afghanistan, they can argue about the medical insurance system. That argument gets pretty heated here abouts, but no one has broken out their weapons for a fire fight about it. Yet.

It isn't much of a war, really. Even in the Indian wars two centuries ago the body counts were far higher. And the profits from reselling the real-estate were a real boost to the U.S. economy. But then again the War in Afghanistan could turn into a bigger war. The Vietnam War started small. We are at about the same size of war as during the first year of office of Lyndon Johnson. The Taliban are not as good at fighting as the Viet Cong were. But they are pretty good and getting better. If anyone ever sells them large quantities of advanced portable weaponry, the U.S. military could be in big trouble.

There used to be a bunch of political parties in the United States that were genuinely opposed to American aggression. Notably the Populist Party, the Socialist Party, and the Communist Party. Now all we have is the Green Party, which unfortunately does not amount to much right now. I hear the Greens are gearing up to challenge the Democrats in the 2010 elections. The Democrats will campaign on their usual slogan: the Green Party can't win, it can only help the Republicans back to power.

Of course, the Green Party could win a lot of elections if everyone who is for peace, legal and economic justice, and sustainable living voted for the Green candidates (and some campaign donations, and volunteering, would help too). But my prediction is they won't. Because for all our talk of this being the land of the free, the kind of people who habitually vote Democratic Party or Republican Party have the minds of slaves.

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