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Table of Fascist Leaders with Relgions
by William P. Meyers

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After World War II, American and Roman Catholic propagandists sought to change people's ideas about the relationship of religion to fascism, and largely succeeded. This table helps set the facts straight.

Fascist Leaders with Religious Affiliations
period of rule
Italy Benito Mussolini Roman Catholic 1922-1943
Germany Adolf Hitler Roman Catholic 1933-1945
Austria Engelbert Dollfuss Roman Catholic 1932-1934
Austria Kurt Schuschnigg Roman Catholic 1934-1938
Spain Francisco Franco Roman Catholic 1936-1975
Hungary Miklos Horthy Calvinist 1920-1944
France Philippe Petain Roman Catholic 1940-1944

As with all life, there are gray areas. I did not add Poland or Romanian leades from the era to this list because they were not so clearly in the fascist camp.

After the Axis fascists and Roman Catholic Church lost World War II, suddenly any prior argument within the Catholic Church between any Catholic and any fascist was used to try to create the illusion that the Church had opposed fascism all along.

It was not just the leaders who were Roman Catholic. While there were Roman Catholics opposed to fascism, in most countries most fascists were Roman Catholic. The exception is Germany, where a majority of Nazi Party members were Lutheran.

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