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This page provides links to the complete text of the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments.

Preamble "We the People ..."
Article I - Powers of Congress
Article II - Powers of the President
Article III - Federal Courts
Article IV - States and Citizens
Article V - Amendment Process
Article VI - Debts, Treaties and Oaths
Article VII - Ratification and list of signers

Amendment I (First Amendment) - Freedom of religion, the press, and assembly
Amendment II (Second Amendment) - Militias and the right to bear arms
Amendment III (Third Amendment) - quartering of soldiers
Amendment IV (Fourth Amendment) - searches and seizures
Amendment V (Fifth Amendment) - grand juries and criminal testimony
Amendment VI (Sixth Amendment) - speedy trials
Amendment VII (Seventh Amendment) - juries
Amendment VIII (Eighth Amendment) - cruel and unusual punishments
Amendment IX (Ninth Amendment) - rights retained by the people
Amendment X (Tenth Amendment) - powers reserved to the people and states
Amendment XI (Eleventh Amendment) - law suits by citizens of another state
Amendment XII (Twelfth Amendment) - election of the President and Vice-President
Amendment XIII (Thirteenth Amendment) - slavery prohibited
Amendment XIV (Fourteenth Amendment) - due process and punishment of Rebels
Amendment XV (Fifteenth Amendment) - right to vote
Amendment XVI (Sixteenth Amendment) - income taxes
Amendment XVII (Seventeenth Amendment) - election of Senators
Amendment XVIII (Eighteenth Amendment) - alcoholic beverages prohibited
Amendment XIX (Nineteenth Amendment) - women's right to vote
Amendment XX (Twentieth Amendment) - term of office for the President
Amendment XXI (Twenty First Amendment) - alcoholic beverages okay again
Amendment XXII (Twenty Second Amendment) - limits Presidents to two terms
Amendment XXIII (Twenty Third Amendment) - District of Columbia gets electors
Amendment XXIV (Twenty Fourth Amendment) - no tax on voting
Amendment XXV (Twenty Fifth Amendment) - Presidential succession
Amendment XXVI (Twenty Sixth Amendment) - Eighteen year voting age
Amendment XXVII (Twenty Seventh Amendment) - pay raises for Congress delay provision

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