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by William P. Meyers

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"to the victors belong the spoils"


Young Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson: Gaming in North Carolina
Andrew Jackson: Stealing Rachel
Andrew Jackson Gets Rich
Judge Andrew Jackson's Law
Andrew Jackson: Cotton, Cock Fights and Aaron Burr
Andrew Jackson Murders Charles Dickinson
Andrew Jackson 1806-1812
War of 1812: Andrew Jackson Ready and Waiting
Andrew Jackson Fights the Red Sticks
Horseshoe Bend and Jackson's Land Grab
General Jackson Captures Pensacola
The Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson Grabs Florida
Andrew Jackson, Governor of Florida
Andrew Jackson for President, Act I
United States Election of 1824
The Corrupt Bargain
Andrew Jackson and the Democratic Party, 1825-1828
President Jackson Divides the Spoils
President Jackson's Agenda
The Tariff, States Rights, and Indian Removal
President Jackson Attacks the Bank of the United States
The Eaton Affair and Andrew Jackson's Cabinet Shuffle
1832: Andrew Jackson Re-elected
Jackson Slays the Bank of the United States
French Debt, Economy, and Texas
Specie Circular and the Election of 1836
Panic, Debts, and Death

Andrew Jackson graphic portrait

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