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Harry S. Truman

by William P. Meyers

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Harry S. Truman was President of the United States of America from 1945 until 1953.

This is a collection page providing links to essays on Harry Truman by William P. Meyers, as well as links to external Web sites with Truman information.

Harry Truman's Hell [September 7, 2015]

The Double Coup of Fifty-Two [June 7, 2014]
Obama, Karzai, Truman and Chiang [January 17, 2010]
Harry Truman, Civil Rights, and Barack Obama [February 26, 2008]
Truman, the movie. A review with commentary.

Review of Memoirs by Harry S. Truman
Notes on China from Memoirs by Harry S. Truman
Notes on Korea from Memoirs by Harry S. Truman
Notes on Japan from Memoirs by Harry S. Truman
Harry S. Truman's Memoirs, 2 International relations: Russia, Germany, Italy, Korea, China and Japan
The Truman Show Truman takes power towards the end of World War II.
A Brief History of the Democratic Party. Includes Harry Truman's role in Democratic Party history.

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